Ryan becomes Dagbjört

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.27.19 PM.png

Dagbjört’s (Ryan) accent is clearly horrible, an unfortunate combination of Minnesotan and a pair of loose dentures, that sounds like no real place—that’s because he’s from the Pacific Northwest originally. We found Ryan in Portland riding a penny-farthing atop his longboard. He was on his way to trade in his vintage record player for a pair of Sigur Ros tickets. Right when we saw him we knew he would be perfect for helping to care for a new island. As we approached he pulled a hoppy craft beer from a brewery you haven’t heard of yet, took a gentle swig and said that, yes, he would do it. He then handcrafted a credenza for us using only his grandfather’s tools there on the spot and told us he would meet us tomorrow.

The next day, Ryan had completely metamorphosised into Dagbjört. We informed him that his accent was too much, but he was already too far gone, he had become Dagbjört, maintenance supervisor for the island.

Beast was actually rescued from a fjord.